PostBase Pro — An Easy Way to Get Through Your Mailing Needs

September 16, 2019

We’ve all been there. Our desks hold more stacks of paper and there is nowhere to place your coffee mug. There is a time when work becomes overload and no solution is brought to the table. Well, now you have one. You can’t let stacks of invoices reach the ceiling. With PostBase Pro, you’ll get the efficiency you need to take control of your office again.

Solutions with PostBase Pro

As your mailing needs grow, your system needs to be upgraded. Having efficient equipment can quickly help with this problem. When you find yourself behind on work, having a tailored system will help relieve stress and frustration. It will also put you back on track. That’s exactly what the PostBase Pro will be able to do. Place your mail in the feeder, and the machine will do the rest. It’s as simple as that. Notably, the machine has a built-in label dispenser. That will make it easier to send bulk thicker packages.

We work will businesses across the nation to help organize and get rid of a system that isn’t working for them anymore. Today, technology is so advanced. And while we may want to shy away from it, it’s helpful to learn about it and implement it in your daily work routine. So, make the office easier. Focus on expanding or work on other projects. When it comes to your mailing needs, we’ve got you covered. The best products can be found with us online.

Aerocut Nano Gives Accurate and Personalized Finishes

August 31, 2019

If you’re printing brochures or personalized fliers, don’t let your ideas get stifled by a lack of ability. With the Aerocut Nano, you can get any job you want to be done. Whether that means making slits, cuts, or adding perforations, this is the machine that can do it for you.

Aerocut Nano — Lasercut Accuracy

Since it has different feeder trays, you won’t have to worry about the machine spitting out the wrong paper. The best part is that you don’t have to remember any previously used settings! The Aerocut Nano has over 80 preset settings, plus you can save any of your own to use later.

Bring your office projects to the next level. You’ll be making customized cards and projects quickly and easily. What will your first project be?

BulkMail Software for a Personalized Mailing Experience

July 29, 2019

How many emails are you handling in a day? Probably too many to count, right? When you need to send out mass emails or create an easier way to reply, BulkMail Software is your answer. Not only does it have a bulk option, but this software is also just a better way to send emails. It will log your emails, create distribution lists, and even save projects in different profiles. It works harder so that you don’t have to. And, isn’t that what we want in our business? Instead of figuring out how to blind copy 2,000 email addresses, you can be focused on your business. Create automated messages give a personalized experience to bulk mail. It’s easy and you’ll wonder what you ever did without it.

BulkMail Software — Fast, Easy, Direct

The fun thing about BulkMail Software is that you can now create more personalized messages. With an integrated HTML editor, you’ll be able to change fonts, add graphics and backgrounds. Why might you need this? Well, if you’re doing a campaign, or sending out a newsletter, this makes the email more exciting to read.

There are roughly 144 billion emails sent every day. So, email isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s good to have a good tool on your side. With cloud computing in this software, you’ll have a secure database. All those emails will be safe. Another great feature is being able to save your projects. You can create different profiles within your account and save them for easy access later. This takes out the extra work of creating new content every time. With scheduling, you can also send out your emails later. Say goodbye to email reminders when you can schedule ahead.

The feedback module on this software gives you information as well. If you have any bounce-back mail, the address will be moved to a different list for future reference. It will also give automated replies. This is great in cases of newsletter subscriptions. Find your favorite software in BulkMail. It’s an easy way to save time and headaches when you’re behind your desk.

Personalize your Outgoing Mail with FlexStream Software

June 25, 2019

Imagine for a moment taking an ordinary invoice, statement or active report and adding eye-catching colors and graphics. Then, let’s apply a personal touch by putting select images such as a picture of your salesperson or a recent product of interest. This is possible when you personalize your outgoing mail with one of our great machines.

Personalize Your Outgoing Mail

By focusing on prospects' recent point of interest, you remind them of the opportunities available through your company. The picture of the salesperson reminds your customer of their last sales experience. Accomplish this with FlexStream software. You can set up, save, and reuse the process on demand.

Automated Outgoing Mail with FlexStream Software

When you use the right technology, your costly workflow becomes affordable. Automation is made possible by adding barcodes to billing documents or statements. Barcodes can be scanned through an intelligent folding and inserting process. Hence, leading to an easier workflow. You can also group document sets by page number and add selected insert advertisements or return envelopes.

Targeted Mailing Based on Zip Codes

Use the zip code to choose an image for advertising. This allows one to call attention to local businesses like restaurants, clubs, shopping centers, or car dealerships.

Create finished mail pieces ready for delivery with personalized touches. Allow a better outcome. With FlexStream software, you can do just that!

Office Technology is an Advantage You’ll Keep Benefiting From

May 29, 2019

Technology is now everywhere. We can argue that the modern workplace would not be the same without it. For some of us, we can still remember how that was—to lack the help of technology. But, office technology has been a great benefit. It’s how many businesses are able to reach a larger audience, fulfill more orders, and communicate better. Though technology is not perfect, it’s still helping out the workplace in various ways.

The Perks of Office Technology

We’ve been so conditioned to have technology around us, we might not even realize how much it’s actually helping. Notably, there are many ways in which it has boosted the work environment, no matter what industry you’re in.

Save time, effort, and money. Because of technology, we’re able to do things a lot faster. In turn, we also don’t have to put in so much effort, or hard labor. Having databases, or machines that can process files are prime examples.

Increase worker efficiency. Many may not think about this, but technology has allowed us to work more effectively and efficiently than ever before. Laptops, iPads, video calls—they’ve all helped streamline businesses. In this way, you’re able to hold meetings, work remotely, and communicate better.

Productivity goes up. One of the main advantages of technology in an office is that we’re able to grow and do so much more. Today’s companies are able to be successful because of productivity apps and other methods to stay on top of everyday business and tasks. It’s the core of working smarter and not harder.

How Do You Keep Your Office Organized? A General Mailing Guide

April 12, 2019

Keeping an organized office is imperative for getting work done efficiently. When you keep your office supplied, organized and tidy, you’re more likely to get things done. So, how you keep your office organized? What are the main things that your business needs in order to function? Between business, this may vary. But ultimately, you want to have the right tools (machines) to get your work done faster. You also want to keep paper and other basic office supplies in order.

Employ a Method

First, you need to come up with a way to structure your office. That means, the layout of the desks, the supply room, and the front desk. Having a go-to area where staff can refill their pens or paper is something that most people don’t think they need. But, keeping clutter out of the way is a big deal. Take it out of sight and let everyone know where they can find supplies. By now, you’ve probably watched Netflix’s Marie Kondo series on tidying up. You don’t have to employ her methods, but come up with something that works for you. Maybe don’t order 500 stacks of paper or labels when you still have 300 stacks in the backroom?

Keep Your Office Organized

When you have an organized office, it just makes everything flow easily. In this way, you’ll never have to ask where the staples are. Also, if you have the right technology in place, your workflow will increase. For example, getting our mailing machines makes it 10 times faster (and easier) to get through your workload. On another note, good lighting also helps in any office space. Not only does it make it easy on the eyes for those using computers, but it opens up a space.

Office Supplies — Get Equipped with the Right Products to Make Work Efficient

March 11, 2019

Why work harder when you can work smarter? Technology has allowed the office space to advance into a system that allows us to work more efficiently. Now, it’s up to your office to get the right office supplies that will allow for a better workspace. In this way, daily functions can be done faster and more work can get done. With the right equipment and tools, you’ll be ready to work better, in a way that takes some stress off your plate.

Our Featured Office Supplies

Assisting you with your mailing equipment needs is what we’re here for. We believe having the right machines and software can alleviate work stress so that you can meet production needs. Machines like our DA70s Address Printer, folder inserters, and PostBase mailing machine put convenience at your fingertips. You can easily weigh and handle any domestic or international mail. Our postage scales also give you an easy way to know postage rates from zip code to zip code. With the push of a couple of buttons, you’ll be able to fold letters, apply stamps, print out addresses, and get things done faster.

Your Home Office Could Use Some of These Time-Saving Electronics

February 19, 2019

There has been a rise of remote workers lately. With more companies allowing flexible hours and online work management tools, the need for a home office has increased significantly. With that, comes the need to stock your home office with the right tools.

Printers, Paper Folders and More for Your Home Office

In today’s landscape, we are all trying to get things done as efficiently as possible. And, with as little as driving as possible. Traffic, lines, and long work hours usually prevent us from doing all that we have to do when it comes to simple office tasks. That’s why we have all the machines and electronics that you could possibly need. Browse our store online for the latest address printer, paper folder, shredders and more. We’ll help you cut time in half so that you can accomplish all the important stuff. When you’re working remotely, you don’t have the luxury of intern help or extra aid from coworkers. Let our products be the extra hands that you need to ease your work life.

Choose Your Office Equipment Wisely with General Mailing Equipment

January 24, 2019

Stay on budget. Be efficient. Complete your work. These are all broad, important tasks that fall into everyone’s lap when they work in an office. That’s why it’s important to have tools that allow the right support and ease needed for you to perform your job. Office supplies don’t need to be extensive in order to do so. You can stay on budget and get tasks done faster when you have the right supplies on hand. Stop fretting about old machines and a storage closet full of unused items. Here at General Mailing Equipment, we can get you set up with only what you really need.

Your office equipment is an extension of you

The items you really use every day are an extension of you. How else would you get the job done efficiently without them? We work hard to make sure the products that you see on our site are ones that will help to ease your workload. For instance, our PostBase is a new breed of postage meter. It’s offered in various colors to match your office style, and has a number of scalable options to fit any needs. Another great product is our address printer, allowing for the right sizing and consistency you need when mailing out a large number of important notices.

Paper Shredders: A New Kind of Office Cleaning for the New Year in 2019

December 13, 2018

Remember the good ol’ days when you had to tear up sensitive documents with your own two hands? Yeah, let’s be glad those days are gone. When you’re dealing with highly sensitive and exclusive documents, you want to be sure that they get disposed of correctly. Meaning, that no one can put large chunks of your new puzzle piece together. Paper shredders are your office’s, new right-hand man. Whether you’ve got bank statements or other top-secret government documents, you need paper shredders for your office cleaning. Have a peace of mind when you don’t have to rely on your intern to shred up documents.

A New Years Office Cleaning

Your office has probably accumulated a lot of personal documents over the year. You actually probably have papers dating back from the day you started your business. If you find yourself doing online filing or just have no more use for the documents, don’t just carelessly throw them away. We highly suggest shredding before throwing, just to play it extra safe when it comes to information that could easily be found and used. Take those boxes from storage and clean out the clutter you have at your desk.

You Can Save Time and Headaches with Bulk Mailer Software

November 26, 2018

A lot of companies have now resulted in sending email campaigns. These let customers and potential clients updated with company news, flash sales, new items and more. When you’re sending out mass emails in this fashion, it’s easy for a company to mismanage time. Often times, this is due to uploading a list of email addresses and figuring out the basics of successfully sending those out. With the Bulk Mailer software, all of these problems and more can be resolved.

Save Time

Enjoy more productivity when you have the Bulk Mailer running for your office. It accepts mailing lists from various formats including Access, Excel, Word and more. To that end, once addresses are uploaded, the program uses a “direct sending” mode. With this, messages are sent directly to the recipients’ mail serving, speeding up the time that the message sends.

No More Analytical Headaches

Need to analyze your email results? Bulk Mailer is able to give detailed results. You can also control the effectiveness of your email campaign. You can monitor who, when and where your email gets opened. When your company is sending out newsletters or monthly campaigns, it’s pertinent that time is saved. Efficiency is found best with the Bulk Mailer software.

Paper Folding Machine: The time-saving equipment your office didn’t know it needed

November 2, 2018

When you’re picking up office supplies, or ordering them from a catalog, there are certain regulars that are on your list. Pens, staples, post-its, and water make an appearance everytime you make that restocking list. But what about a paper folding machine? Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. We sell top-notch, intelligent machines that can fold paper as your company sees fit. For offices that send need to send out anything via “snail-mail”, this is the perfect time-saver.

Why a Paper Folding Machine?

Well, though it may sound ridiculous to some, this is actually a great addition to the office. Say you’re a company that sends out invites for customers. Or, maybe your business is a form of media and you need flyers or brochures to go out. If you don’t have an intern, or that intern is already busy, this would be a great solution.

The Equipment

Currently, we have four machines available to integrate into your office. These are all great models. Depending on your needs, we are able to supply you with a basic folder or a more advanced model. Even the basic version is able to save over 25 folds to memory and is set up to ensure that the folds are concise and consistent.

The PostBase Pro Is an Innovative Solution for Enterprise Businesses

September 11, 2018

Sometimes, physical manpower just doesn’t cut it. When it comes to the mailroom, this is especially pertinent. Even more, if you own a large enterprise business, you probably see an enormous amount of outgoing mail in the office each day. Invest in a PostBase Pro for your business. It may be one of the best decisions you make for the efficiency of your workflow.

PostBase Pro

The PostBase Pro DS Configuration is flexible.

With smart capabilities, dynamic weighing, and the ability to automatically process mail by length, height and thickness, the PostBase Pro changes with your business. When operating an enterprise business, outgoing mail usually reflects the hectic nature of the business. As such, it’s important to have a postage machine that adapts to this chaos.

The differential weighing feature distinguishes this model from the rest.

Measuring each individual envelope can be a tedious and unnecessary process. With differential weighing, however, this process becomes a lot easier. This feature allows you to place a bundle of envelopes on the scale and then as each one is removed the individual weight is calculated. Pretty cool, right?
At General Mailing, we proudly offer the PostBase Pro for enterprise businesses. Find out more here.

The Benefits of Using a Letter Opener For Your Business

August 10, 2018

If you own a mid to large size business, you could benefit greatly from utilizing a letter opener for incoming mail. This machine saves time, money, and efficiency by optimizing incoming mail and thus helping to organize your overall workflow. The variety of functions that this machine offers helps to make your mailing room run better. Here’s how.

It’s an economical solution for automated envelope extraction.

At General Mailing, we offer the Omation 2112 model. With this model, you receive processing speeds of up to 400 envelopes per minute. In addition, the letter opener protects contents, eliminates paper cuts, and minimizes waste. It minimizes waste by producing smaller milled chips than other competitors. The chips are easily and automatically discarded into a large capacity tray. This keeps your workspace clean and prevents any troubling jams. In the end, this saves your employees time that would be spent troubleshooting or trying to remove problematic jams from deep within the letter opener. Another unique feature of this model is the cut depth lever. This allows for two cut-depth settings as well as a no-cut setting if you need to count envelopes without opening them. Learn more about the Omation 2112 model here.

How Postage Machines Can Revolutionize Your Workflow

July 19, 2018

For homes and small businesses, postage machines are a must-have when processing shipments on a regular basis. From basic to more complex models replete with different speeds and volume capacities, these integrated machines can greatly cut down on time and money spent processing outgoing mail during the day.
Postage machines revolutionize workflow.

They save you time.

It’s a universal truth that the post office is, well, a nightmare. Trying to squeeze a casual trip to the local post office into an already-packed work day can be a difficult experience, to say the least. Luckily, with postage machines, there’s no need to step foot from the house. We think that’s pretty cool.

They’re a one-stop shop.

Postage machines can do it all. Provide USPS approved labels, weigh packages, process hundreds of envelopes at once, wash your dishes, watch the kids. Okay - maybe not everything. But pretty close. We like to think of them as the Swiss Army Knife of mailing, sans the danger of accidental cutting. At General Mailing, we partner with the biggest names in the business to bring you the machines and supplies that you need. Check out our inventory here or get in touch to find out how we can help your small business needs.